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Caring and committed lawyers assist you in times of crisis

Divorce and family law are emotionally complex legal areas for our clients. Whether it’s a time of crisis, such as a divorce, or hopeful anticipation, such as an adoption, the stress of the moment can be overwhelming. During moments of high anxiety, it is not enough to get advice from family and friends. You must speak to an experienced legal professional, who will provide the information you need while treating you with the utmost sensitivity. The McGarity Group, LLC has extensive experience helping clients deal with painful issues surrounding divorce and family law. We can help you in good times and bad to obtain the most favorable results possible.

Metro-Atlanta family lawyers address your legal concerns

We provide family law services across the full spectrum of our clients’ needs, helping you with:

  • Adoption — When it’s time to add a new member to your family, we help ensure that the process you’re engaged in is legitimate. We work to remove legal impediments, so your adoption will be legally valid.
  • Divorce — If you or your spouse have decided you must dissolve your marriage, our divorce attorneys protect your parental and property rights. We work efficiently and sensitively to relieve you of as much stress as we can. Our goal is provide the best foundation possible for you to start the next phase of your life.
  • Domestic violence — We offer sound advice and help you take decisive steps to address threats to yourself and your family.
  • Child custody — Our attorneys work to produce parenting plans that promote your children’s best interests and provide you with every opportunity to maintain a loving relationship with them.
  • Child support and alimony — We help ensure that your support orders reflect a fair evaluation of your financial profile.
  • Property division — We fight for your right to your separate property and an equitable share of the marital estate.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Our attorneys negotiate and draft marital agreements that clearly delineate property rights. We also litigate the validity of marital agreements in divorce actions.

For these and any other family law issues, you can trust us to provide knowledgeable advice and vigorous representation.

How The McGarity Group, LLC helps family law clients in Buford

From the moment you enter the comforting space of our office, you’ll sense something different about our firm. We are true family lawyers, in the sense that we try to treat clients like family. We are sensitive and responsive, and we provide candid advice based on a realistic evaluation of your circumstances. Though we are skilled trial lawyers, we know how to obtain positive results without forcing a hearing on every issue. We are committed to giving you the best information available, so that you can make fully informed decisions about the direction to take with your case. We are determined to deliver results that serve the best interests of you and your family.

Call our Buford attorneys to manage your family law issues

We understand how difficult it can be to seek legal help for a family issue. You can trust The McGarity Group, LLC to be respectful and professional. To discuss any of your family legal needs, call us today at 770.863.7404 or contact us online.

The McGarity Group helps their clients with all family law related matters throughout Metro-Atlanta including the cities of Buford, Duluth, Atlanta, and Lawrenceville. 


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The McGarity Group, LLC is located in Buford, Georgia and serves clients in and around Metro Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia.

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